playing golf
playing golf

Performance Therapy

Are you looking to get back to pre-injury performance? Look no further, as research consistently shows that exercise is the best medicine for recovery from orthopedic injuries.

The physiotherapists at Athletes’ Advantage in St. Albert will design a customized exercise program depending on where you are in your recovery. This will include strength, mobility, stability, and proprioception drills in whatever dosage that will promote optimal recovery from your injuries.

We begin with initial exercises that are designed to build and repair the “foundation”. These exercises address specific areas that may lack mobility or stability – you know, the typical “physio stuff”. Clearing up these movement faults will decrease pain, increase function, and lead to more efficient movement patterns, thus preparing you for your sport-specific program.

Once we create a stable foundation we can start to hone in on exercises more specific to your activity of choice.

As you recover, your program will constantly evolve to challenge your limitations. Once appropriate, a return to play program will be designed to help you meet the demands of your activity. Whether it’s playing professional hockey, fighting a fire, running an ultramarathon or gardening – our goal is to get you back to doing what you love to do.

For those interested in maximizing performance here are some attributes that nearly every sport demands:

Strength: the most important physical attribute for athletic performance. Improving strength:

   • allows an athlete to use more force in a shorter time-period, which applies to nearly every sport

   • improves jumping, sprinting, and pivoting performance

   • reduces an athlete’s risk of injury ? Lauersen et al. (2013) found that adding a strength training regimen to an athlete’s         routine reduced sport-related injuries to less than 1/3 and overuse injuries by about 50%.

Power: ability to apply maximal force in the shortest amount of time. Example: the quicker an athlete applies max. force into the ground the higher their vertical jump.

Speed: fastest possible movement. Example: amazing breakaway speed of Connor McDavid.

Agility: ability to rapidly change direction in response to a stimulus. Example: dribbling a soccer ball in traffic (on the field of course!) and changing directions to evade a defender requires agility.

Proprioception: awareness and control of one’s body in space. Example: basketball players must have elite proprioception in order to perform acrobatic layups in traffic.

Quickness: ability to rapidly accelerate and decelerate. Example: the “first step” of an NBA player must be extremely quick in order to bypass their defender.

Mobility: joint range of motion and flexibility. Example: excellent thoracic and pelvic mobility in golf will help an athlete’s swing mechanics, translating into improved scores.

We use innovative exercises to target these attributes, incorporating tools such as FitLights to get you back to pre-injury performance levels… and beyond! In addition, we are situated in the Saint City Fitness gym, so we have access to a large space and high quality exercise equipment.

In today’s world of competitive sports, elite athletes seek the expertise of physiotherapists early and often. Knowledge of injury prevention is as important as knowledge of injury rehabilitation – and we have adopted that philosophy. We will happily review the FIFA 11+ program with you and your team to help reduce the likelihood of lower extremity injury.

We use Functional Movement Screening (FMS) to evaluate your specific movement patterns in order to identify any underlying faults. Then we correct these issues with exercise before they can become a serious injury.

Here’s the bottom line: if you want to continue to perform at your personal best you must stay healthy.