woman body lifting
woman body lifting

Happy World Physiotherapy Day!!

September 8th, 2018 is World Physiotherapy Day and this year's theme is "Physiotherapy and Mental Health".

Long lasting musculoskeletal disorders and mental health are the leading causes of sick leave world wide. To meet the needs of patients, physical therapists offer a wide range of approaches with a focus on human movement and function.

Exercise is an evidenced-based treatment for people with depression, and physiotherapists work with patients who may have depression alongside long-term health issues. Getting and staying physically active will help improve your physical and mental health. Talk to a physiotherapist and discover an exercise or activity you find enjoyable and have fun!

World Physical Therapy Day 2018

Animation to celebrate World Physical Therapy Day. The theme for WPTD 2018 is physical activity and mental health - and the role of physical therapists in improving people's mental health and wellbeing.