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Who We Are

What’s your finish line?   We’ll help you get there.

Welcome to Athlete’s Advantage Physical Therapy! We are a team of therapists located in St. Albert who take a one-on-one approach to treating acute and chronic injuries. Here, you will find top-tier customer service, a friendly atmosphere and benefit from our years of experience in physical therapy. Our state-of-the-art services are individually tailored to active individuals and recreational, competitive and tactical athletes (military, police, firefighters) who go above and beyond in both work and play.

What We Do

We identify underlying movement faults that make you more vulnerable to injury and limit your performance using evidence based programs and innovative equipment. Our experts integrate prescriptive exercise, manual therapy, IMS, electrotherapeutic modalities and the Graston Technique and other modalities into a comprehensive program designed to eliminate pain and maximize function. Our 30 minute sessions feature intensive treatment with the full attention of your physiotherapist designed to optimize results and support your ultimate finish line – whatever that may be for you.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Our champions are created through action. Athlete’s Advantage Physical Therapy believes that your performance is enhanced through individualized needs designed to meet specific performance goals.

Prevention and Performance are one in the same and we want to improve your movement efficiency for optimal performance by eliminating common “energy leaks” and creating your inner champion. Our services are designed to make you MOVE BETTER, FEEL BETTER, PERFORM BETTER.

Our goal is to help you meet yours. 

Our Services


(What’s your finish line? We’ll help you get there!)
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Move, Measure, Motivate
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